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What is the Algebra Challenge?

If you can read it, you can solve it!!

The Algebra Challenge is a week-long event put on by the University of Washington’s Center for Game Science. This summer (August 12-16) we invite children to compete in a friendly, free math competition. The goal is to solve as many equations in our word problem video game – Riddle Books – as possible. Parents are welcome to participate by watching their children’s progress live via a dashboard. This way you can engage in learning together.

The Challenge is intended to:

  • Create excitement and enthusiasm about math for students of all ages!
  • Maximize accessibility of pre-algebra concepts to young students.
  • Improve curriculum specialization in order to enable every student in the classroom to achieve mastery, not just a subset.
  • Provide access to current and future learning tools from the UW Center for Game Science.

Who Can Participate?

Riddle Books is aimed to kids age 8-13, however any child can participate in the Algebra Challenge with the approval of their parent, guardian, or summer teacher.

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