Why Participate?

The “summer slide” refers to how students often lose some of the educational gains they had made during the previous school year. Research shows that while reading losses do occur and can be quite severe, the dip in math scores is even more pronounced. Parents, guardians, and even students themselves can help prevent this by making learning a year-round activity. It may sound overwhelming, but taking part in the Algebra Challenge makes this fun and engaging.

Riddle Books is a fun (and free!) math video game created by the Center for Game Science at the University of Washington. It enhances learners’ understanding of Common Core concepts and provides a fun place to practice algebraic concepts.

Riddle books uses story problems to gradually introduce the player to the notion of equations. Students can solve story problems regardless of their skill level by using pictures and relationships they can intuitively understand. Any child that can read can play!

Get Started

To get started, you need to create an account on the Algebra Challenge Co-Pilot site. We use the Co-Pilot platform so parents and teachers can see how their kiddos are progressing, and be a part of the learning and fun! Click on the “Login for Parents” on the top menu.

Registering for an Account

Watch this video to see how to register.


Co-Pilot Dashboard

Take a look at the Co-Pilot dashboard and how it will help you be a part of your kids learning!

Getting Help

If you encounter a roadblock, head to our Frequently Asked Questions page to see if the answer is already available. If your issue is not listed or if you’ve encountered a technical problem, feel free to email us at or join our Facebook group.